_DSC6839 I am a detail kind of person. I notice little things others might miss. I fell in love with photography as a way to capture those little details, whether it be the dimples on a baby’s hand, the sparkle in someone’s eyes, or the peeling paint on a 300 year old house. My favorite things to take pictures of are houses and people. I want to make sure buyers see the granite counters in the kitchen, not the stuff on top of them.  I want to give you photos of yourself you actually like! I am happy to be working at my dream job.

About me – Julie: I grew up in Eastern Maine, went to college there, got married and moved to Dover, NH to be closer to the beaches and Boston. I LOVE the seacoast area, unless its winter. Then I just tolerate it until spring. I am mom to 2 amazing girls, and on most weekends you can find me at their games or cheering competitions. My family  seriously are the funniest people I know, and we spend lots of time laughing together, and exploring the area. In my spare time, I like to decorate, travel and  take pictures! Yes, pretty much everywhere I go, I am looking for pictures to take, even if its just my dogs on my iphone. My Instagram feed is filled with pictures of them. (Follow me @julie.joy.rancourt)!